Message 1

When God speaks to His daughter.


My daughter, you do not remember my promises to you, but I do. You do not remember what I have done for you but I do. The time will come when you will remember everything and you will be overwhelmed of the goodness that I have shown in your life. The time is also coming when I will do wonders in your life. The completion of my promises does not mean that you won’t experience suffering. You will. But I will be your protector, your guide, your umbrella, your strength, and your justice.

My daughter, I want you to feel me. I want you to remove any distractions that are around you which causes you not to hear from me. My daughter, I want you to open your eyes and ears to listen to me. Listen to my voice and you will be blessed. Listen to my voice and you will be fulfilled. Listen to my voice and obey.

Do not be afraid. I am with you. When you need rest, I will give it to you.

Take courage. Take heart. I am your God.


Author: WhenGodSpeaksToHisDaughter

When God speaks to your heart (and make no mistake because He really does), He does not intend it to be a passing thing. He intends it to be a way of communicating and building a relationship with you. When God speaks to you, he wants you to listen and to be connected to what His heart is - His salvation for all of us. When God speaks to you, He does not disturb you. He gives you encouragement, He gives you instructions, and most importantly, He gives you Himself. So, when He speaks to His daughter, it is not a mistake. It can be a whisper, a breath, or a roaring wave. But, He speaks to you. Welcome it, and you will see and feel and hear. Verse: 1 Kings 19:11-13

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