Message 3

My child.
Do not forget that I am your Father. I am your God, also. I am not your earthly father from whom you have experienced less than your expectations. I am more. I am.

Remember that your happiness is not according to your will, but according to mine. And I do. I want you complete, whole, at peace and joyful.

You are experiencing a prison right now. Take heart. I am inside that prison with you and I will never let you go. I will get you out of there. But be sure to open your heart because I am teaching you some things. I am teaching you how not to repeat the past. I am teaching you perseverance. And I am teaching you my timing.

I love you, my daughter.

Genesis 40-41


Author: WhenGodSpeaksToHisDaughter

When God speaks to your heart (and make no mistake because He really does), He does not intend it to be a passing thing. He intends it to be a way of communicating and building a relationship with you. When God speaks to you, he wants you to listen and to be connected to what His heart is - His salvation for all of us. When God speaks to you, He does not disturb you. He gives you encouragement, He gives you instructions, and most importantly, He gives you Himself. So, when He speaks to His daughter, it is not a mistake. It can be a whisper, a breath, or a roaring wave. But, He speaks to you. Welcome it, and you will see and feel and hear. Verse: 1 Kings 19:11-13

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