Message 6

My daughter, I have given you a dream. Do not waste it. I am a Father who puts the desires in your heart and fulfills it.

Embrace who you are, my child. Do not limit yourself. I made you exactly who you are now, and I love it.

I love you, my daughter. Never forget that.

Verse: Jeremiah 1:5a


Message 5

My daughter, my heart goes out to you.

I know that you are going through a lot in your career. But know that I am just here. I am here behind and in front of you. I am guiding you. I have set a certain path for you. And for now, you just have to wait. The time will come when I will lead you to the place where you should be. I will lead you to the place where I will bless and promote you.

Wait, my daughter. Wait. Because as you wait, I am teaching you a discipline of hearing and listening to my voice. As you wait, I am here with you – encouraging you.

My love, my daughter. Do not forget that I am the one who has set everything for you. Wait and you will be rewarded.

Message 4

My daughter, do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. I have your heart in my hands. I have you wholly in my hands. Feel my comfort and feel me embracing you and filling you with my love.

I love you with my whole heart.

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

I am always surrounding you with my presence.

Message 3

My child.
Do not forget that I am your Father. I am your God, also. I am not your earthly father from whom you have experienced less than your expectations. I am more. I am.

Remember that your happiness is not according to your will, but according to mine. And I do. I want you complete, whole, at peace and joyful.

You are experiencing a prison right now. Take heart. I am inside that prison with you and I will never let you go. I will get you out of there. But be sure to open your heart because I am teaching you some things. I am teaching you how not to repeat the past. I am teaching you perseverance. And I am teaching you my timing.

I love you, my daughter.

Genesis 40-41

Message 2

My daughter, do not sell yourself short. Remember that it is me who has formed you. Remember that it is my hands that have created you. I have molded you into the very best version of yourself.

Do not listen to the world around you saying that you can be better, because you already are. Before you opened your eyes the very first time, I have already mapped out your life into the testimony that I want it to be. I have mapped your life into glorifying my name and being a blessing to others.

Do not sell yourself short, my daughter. You are loved and you are secured in my arms.

Verse: Jeremiah 1:5